About Us

The New England Center for Emergency Preparedness (NECEP) is a collaborative organization involved in the regionalization and coordination of planning and response for Northern New England in the case of a disaster or mass casualty event. The center is dedicated to improving emergency response for the Northern New England region through collaboration with federal, State, and local agencies across the disciplines of emergency preparedness, homeland security, and public health, as well as with other organizations and institutions.

Although Northern New England, which includes the States of Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont, is primarily rural, there is a distinct need to coordinate with the rest of the New England region, which includes several major population centers. Major disasters that may occur in the nearby cities of Boston or New York will affect the entire region. Because of this, wide regional collaboration is essential.

Currently, NECEP is coordinating emergency planning and response with Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont through the Metropolitan Medical Response System (MMRS) as well as through a variety of State projects, regional, and local projects.